Sunday, August 2, 2020

Aslackby and Laughton

Aslackby and Laughton is a common parish in the South Kesteven region of Lincolnshire, England. As indicated by the 2001 enumeration the ward had a populace of 243, in 102 households. expanding somewhat to 251 out of 118 family units at the 2011 census. It comprises of the town of Aslackby, the village of Laughton, and dissipated farms, and part of the villa of Graby. 

The Aveland, a canal said to be the gathering place for the Wapentake of Aveland is in the parish. There is narrative proof for a settlement called Avethorpe, from the Domesday review onwards, yet no real area is known. 

In 1164 the Knights Templar set up a preceptory at Aslackby, from where their nearby bequests were overseen, and which brought about high-status town structures. In any case, with the exchange of the preceptory to the Hospitalers it was not, at this point required, and little now remains. 

During the 1940s, Folkingham Airfield was grown near Temple Wood. It was from that point that pieces of Operation Market were flown

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